Church Website Design

Why Does Every Church Need a Great Looking Website?

Your website is the first thing most people will see. They will do a quick Google search to see who you are, and what you believe. 

Many times, churches lose out on potential visitors because their website looks old, dated, and information is hard to find. That immediately turns them away from considering to visit.

As a Pastor, the last thing you need to worry about is whether your website is hurting or helping you. We’ve had conversations with many pastors that know they need a new website, but don’t have the staff to build one or keep up with it. 

At Berean Web, our goal is to help fill this void for churches of any size. 

With Us, Your Church Website Will Always Be Up to Date

Every website built through Berean Web includes someone that  manages it for you each month.

Always Up to Date

Need to add a picture? Send it to us! Need to update some text? Let us know! With Berean Web, you get a designer that you can email anytime during the month that will handle any updates to the website.

Responsive Design

No matter what device someone visits your website from, it will look its best on every device. We test our websites on over twenty different devices ranging from phones, tables, laptops, desktops and more.

Fast & Secure Hosting

All of Berean Web’s websites are hosted on a VPS with more than enough resources to accommodate your website. Each website is built to load as quickly as possible with 100% uptime, and backed up weekly.

Priority Support

Whether by phone or email, every website has a dedicated designer that is here to answer any of your questions, and help get you the answers you’re looking for.

Ministry Minded

Berean Web is a ministry. Our goal is to help you connect with visitors, engage your members, and grow your church through an online presence that works for and not against you.

Surprisingly Affordable

From small to large churches, every budget is different. We understand that and offer a simple flat rate pricing for every website. We’ll let you know the cost up front and in writing.

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Our Price

Features Included With Every Church Website

All of Berean Web’s websites are hosted on a VPS with more than enough resources to accommodate your website. Each website is built to load as quickly as possible with 100% uptime, and backed up weekly.

24/7 Support

Each of the churches we manage have a priority email they can use to let us know of any updates needed.

100% Managed

With each website, one of our designers will always keep your website up to date.

Weekly Backups

Our team backs up your website each week, giving you the peace of mind that your website will always be safe.

Online Giving

Berean Web uses to give your members a safe and secure way to give online.

Sermon Library

We can embed your sermon audio library, or host your sermons on our server with a custom audio/video player.

Calendar of Events

Have a place to let members and prospective visitors know what's going on at your church.

Blog Platform

Your church or pastor can have an area to post articles and updates that others can subscribe and share.

Fast & Secure Hosting

Your website is hosted on a Virtual Private Server with an SSL giving fast load times & peace of mind.

SEO & Analytics

Berean Web uses best practices to help your church be found by potential visitors in your area.

Responsive Design

More people are visiting you on their phone. Your website will look just as good on a phone as it does on a desktop.

Designed To Convert

Our websites give visitors the information they need quickly, and guides them with a call to action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Berean Web has a flat rate design fee that is affordable for any church budget. We can also split that into payments if that is needed!

We can! The designer will pull all of your existing content off your website and build it on a completely separate one. Once we have a final approval on your new website, we will transition your current domain to your new website with no downtime. All of your old links will forward to the new ones so you don’t lose any ranking in search engines.

Every custom design is responsive. Your website will look great no matter what device the user is on. With a majority of traffic coming from mobile phones, we build with a mobile-first midset.